About Everyone Racers

It started with a bad idea, an east German sedan (not a Trabant) and an essay contest. This lead to a great time with wonderful people, and became a regular occurance.  

Your Hosts

First, is Chris , The Builder.

A longtime Honda enthusast, he's a talented wrench, designer, builder, solver of problems and a damm fine driver.

Next is Chrissy, The Orgnaizer

The better half of the C& C Mayhem Factory, Chrissy keeps the crazy train on the rails and moving forward. She is also a damm fine driver.

There is Jeff, The Producer

Raised in the back of his father's TSD Rally car, he's a Husband, Father, Teacher and Scoutmaster. If it's funny, Jeff thought of it. Yes, another damm fine driver.

 Finally, there is Mental. The Lunatic

 He has held a lot of titles, most of them meaningless. In an 80's sitcom, he would be the guy that lives next door but inexplicably keeps eating your food.


Friends and teamates since 2010, this podcast was just another silly idea, until people started listening. We're not sure why, but we're glad they do.

Thanks for stopping by!