E1R 267 A Special Spooky New Hampshire Preview Show
Everyone RacersOctober 27, 2022
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E1R 267 A Special Spooky New Hampshire Preview Show

In this spooky episode 267, Jeff sits in a tepid little plastic bucket, Chrissy scares her cat, Mental finally changes his other headlight, and Chris doesn’t want to drink Amaretto.  Really, we talk all about the upcoming Lemons race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway including a virtual track walk.

NHMS Track map


Nissan Pulsar on Racing Junk dot com


New Jersey puts a kibosh on seat subscriptions


Why are Rolls Royce model names spooky?

Why Do Rolls-Royce Cars Have Spooky Names? — Ghost, Phantom, & Wraith (msn.com)

Spooky Car Wash

'Tunnel of Terror' spooky car wash coming to five MN cities - Bring Me The News

Check out Hungary Bill, his 4 Runner and the efforts in Ukraine


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