E1R 317 - Halloween Hooptiefest Preview 2024
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E1R 317 - Halloween Hooptiefest Preview 2024

In this Philly classic auto showroom episode, Mental has a boring drink at an interesting bar, Chrissy mishandles scissors, Chris gets all pixelated. Really, we do our typical pre NHMS show, join us for track info and our track walk to remember where the track goes.

Track map - https://sccnh.org/event/autocross-magicross-nhms-road-course/

Get on track - South side of central garages. Get checked, left onto pit lane, turn one (during race this is check). Coned path through turn 2, follow the wall around 2 (tight), enter onto straight (watch for stalled cars on track) stay left of blend line. Turn 3 Hard right onto road course.Stay left, Good straight line braking before (2nd or 3rd). Folks will still try to go 3 and 4 wide. Gators offer no grip here, apex is the 2nd to last blue gator, track out is the start of the gators on the opposite side. Look for a line that drive a line that allows you to go to power early and hard. (traction?). Flag station on the outside. Turn 4 Flag station on right, usually black flag, Eyes up the hill out of 3, maintain the momentum from 3 and add some. Suspension is compressed and you should be able to put some power down. Great place to out motor less HP cars.

Turn 5 blind crest setting up for the downhill section, find a visual, carrying speed, brake very late, stay right, stay high when track is clear, dive into bowl.

Turn 6 the bowl. Hard turn in late, slow wheel unwind, lines up to apex of 7 (stay out of gravel), if you have to turn in twice you did it wrong. Stay on the line, give up a pass to maintain momentum Turn 7 feedback is how much steering input you use. 1 is ideal. Track narrows, good pass station Turn 8 Tree house flag station, Can go 2/3 wide, but sort before 9 Turn 9 Late-apex hard right downhill. Usually covered in gravel after race starts. Earlier apex, ensure you are straight along zebra strip jersey barrier, keep left, unloaded suspension Turn 10 Avoid the turtle, it will flip your car. Flag is behind the wall on the NASCAR side. Don’t get close to very late apex. Bumpy, elevation change, different age asphalt & crowned section. Widens for a very short bit. watch 4 spins outs & accidents Turn 11 Be single file. Giant wheel crushing pothole on right. Don’t push wide Turn 12 Setup for straight. Pit entry on left, avoid wall, watch big curb on entry (left) Turn 1 – 2 coming off the straight, brake late, stay high, brake on banking turn on banking, follow candy stipes into 1 Defensive, tuck in and get close to corner station No track out for 1 & 1a. Expect to get passed by fast cars. Watch for dive bombers. Will gather debris (especially in rain) Turn 2a back onto NASCAR. Fairly late apex onto NASCAR surface. Use the banking, get on the gas, track out about 2/3rds up, flag station on inside that people miss. 2024 Lemons Schedule! https://24hoursoflemons.com/schedule/ 1979 RX7 ITA car on Racing Junk https://www.racingjunk.com/improved-touring/184491663/1979-mazda-rx-7-it7-ita-stu-stl-ep.html?category_id=4&np_offset=5 Boring BMW V8 Swap on Racing Junk https://www.racingjunk.com/24-hours-of-lemons-cars-and-equipment-for-sale/184490697/1985-bmw-e30-with-v8-swap-24-hours-of-lemons.html?category_id=4&np_offset=109#1 Mutt Cutts replica is a Dumb and Dumber fan’s dream van - Hagerty Media https://www.hagerty.com/media/car-profiles/mutt-cutts-replica-is-a-dumb-and-dumber-fans-dream-van/ Buy the Dumb and Dumber Van Here! https://carsandbids.com/auctions/KdlmZzzp/1993-ford-e-150?utm_source=pd&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=n California Cruising Bans Overturned (motorious.com) https://www.motorious.com/articles/news/california-cruising-bans-overturned/ Mazda Issue C&D for Developer making his CX-9 More Useful thedrive.com/news/mazda-slaps-developer-with-cease-and-desist-for-diy-smart-home-integration?utm_term=The Drive_Wire_10.23.23&utm_campaign=The Drive_Wire_Actives_Dynamic&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email ⁠https://mfbc.us/m/yp26k6j⁠ - E1R Bingo Card