E1R 344 - Make America Janky Again with Jeff!
Everyone RacersMay 23, 202401:31:1583.11 MB

E1R 344 - Make America Janky Again with Jeff!

In this Old People Racing Episode 344 Chrissy gets taunted by a guy in boots and waterproof pants, Chris gives fraud tips, Mental has fireworks and Jeff wants to Make America Janky Again. Really, we talk all teaching young enthusiasts aspects of auto maintenance, enthusiasm and opening up this hobby to the next generation

Can You Pass the Boy Scout Auto Maintenance Merit Badge? Long list of requirements here!


Senate accuses OEMs of importing illegal cars


Road Island trying to retroactively ban Kei trucks (again!)


California and Texas address EV Gas Tax shortfalls


Hertz Charging a Tesla Renter for Gas Was Not an Isolated Incident (thedrive.com)


Josh Wakeman’s Eagle Scout Project https://www.facebook.com/share/v/iHuHzjHRUAGSYQnF/?

84 Porsche 944 on Racing Junk


People in Illinois are doing shots of Malort with cicadas in them.


Go Race Pitt with Lucky Dog!!


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